Tablet Market

The tablet market continued on its upward growth in the second quarter of this year with nearly 34 million tablets shipped worldwide. In these, Android dominated the numbers 53 percent of the market.

Android tablets saw a massive growth with over 200 percent increase in the number of tablet shipments from last year. This growth was pushed thanks to devices from OEMs like Samsung, Amazon, Lenovo and Acer among others, who together made up for 53 percent of the market. Apple, on the other hand, saw its growth falter due to no new products in its lineup. Compared to last year, Apple’s shipments dropped 14 percent and its market share dropped to 43 percent.

Consumers preferred smaller display devices since they were more affordable compared to their bigger-screened counterparts. According to the report, nearly 68 percent of the total number of tablets shipped had a display smaller than 9-inches.


From a Year Ago Today

Facebook has launched a new feature to the site which allows select users to reminisce about what they and their friends were doing on a year ago on a day.

The ‘On this day’ feature, still in its experimental stage lets select users to see a feed of updates from friends exactly as they appeared a year ago including a list on the right-hand side of the page that details some other big milestones or events from the month.

A Facebook spokeswoman confirmed that the site is testing a feature that will show users content from their News Feed ‘from a year ago today’. The reason why the feature is available only to a select few is because Facebook tests the new feature with a select group before rolling it out to all the users.

The report added that before the New Year, Twitter and Facebook had rolled out features to let users relive their best moments from 2012 on the respective networks.

Fingerprint Reader in iOS

Software manufacturer Apple’s iPhone 5S, now speculated to have a fingerprint reader and along with it the company is also expected to release a cheaper and plastic version of the mobile phone.

Apple has released a new version of the iOS 7 beta software, which has a radically different design and some new features including new “siri voices” and a control center with easy access to settings menus and it also contains some clues about a fingerprint sensor in the device.

An iOS developer said that the new software contains a folder called ‘biometrickitUI’ in the code which mentions  a fingerprint that changes colour during the setup process and a source familiar with the new iPhone said that the fingerprint implementation has been complete.

Increased speculations about the a cheaper and plastic version of the iPhone indicate to the earlier reports about Apple working on cheaper phone that would be available in a variety of colors to appeal to the lower end of the phone market.

Cause of Dementia

Brushing your teeth not only helps you keep a dazzling smile, but it could also stave off dementia, a new study has revealed. Dementia means “madness” in Latin, de – “without”+ ment – “mind”. It cause serious loss of global cognitive ability and also various damages to brain tissues. In a recent research, brain tissue from people suffering from Alzheimer was found to be infected by gum disease.

Dentistry Professor said that people should pay particular attention to brushing teeth and visiting the dentist to reduce bugs in their mouths. The presence of ‘Porphyromonas gingivalis’ was found in the tissue of 10 dementia sufferers. The study conducted by the University of Central Lancashire found that the bug triggers a response in the brain that destroys neurons and brings on symptoms such as memory loss and confusion. The best way to reduce your risk of dementia is to lead a healthy lifestyle and enjoying a balanced diet.


A group of security researchers from Georgia institute of technology developed a malicious charger capable of transfer malicious codes into your iOS devices. So, be careful while using stranger’s charger your iPhone or iPad may get hacked.

The most significant feature of this charger is that, without user interaction the charger is capable of injecting malicious codes, which means any iOS device can be infected by using this charger and the malicious programs will hide from application list, so users were unaware of infection.

Developers named this charger as “Mactans”, it’s a scientific name of the Black Widow spider. They developed this charger by using Beagle board, a three inch open source single-board computer sold by Texas instruments for $45.

Vulnerable GPS

A new study has revealed that the Global Positing System (GPS) is vulnerable to hackers or terrorists. Because they can use it to hijack ships and commercial airliners. The new study has exposed a huge hole in national security.

GPS expert Todd Humphreys and his team at the University of Texas (UT) had taken over the sophisticated navigation system on a super-yacht in the Mediterranean Sea using a laptop, a small antenna and an electronic GPS spoofer, built for only 3,000 dollars. The UT team was able to drive the ship far, take it into treacherous waters, and even put it on a collision course with another ship.

Magnetic Pen

A student in South Korea has developed a magnetically driven pen interface that works both on and around mobile devices. This interface is called as MagPen, can be used for any type of smart phones, tablet and computers so long as they have magnetometers embedded in.

This technology act as an input tool for mobile devices such as a capacitive stylus pen to interact more sensitively and effectively with the touch screen.  The MagPen utilizes magnetometers equipped with smart phones, thus there is no need to build an additional sensing panel for a touch screen as well as circuits, communication modules, or batteries for the pen.

It can senses and analyzes the magnetic field produced by a permanent magnet embedded in a standard capacitive stylus pen. The MagPen expands the scope of input gestures recognized by a stylus pen beyond its existing features of gestures and techniques such as titling, hovering, and varying pressures. The tip of the pen switches from a pointer to an eraser and vice versa when spinning.

Lab-on-a-Chip Sensor

A device is developed to detect ammonium in the environment. A micro electromechanical systems (MEMS), lab-on-a-chip (LOC) sensor will be integrated into a quad-rotor micro air vehicle (MICAV) to detect ammonium, which is commonly used in explosives, in the atmosphere. The sensor was developed in India by Anna University Foundation for Educational Excellence in collaboration with Concord University, Canada.

The LOC weighs just about 200 grams and has been developed specifically for airborne application.  The quad-rotor MICAV was chosen over the conventional fixed wing MICAVs as they can easily enter inaccessible areas.  Apart from this sensor chip to detect ammonium, National Design and Research Forum (NDRF) has also developed sensors to detect methane, carbon-dioxide and nitric oxides.

Line Application


Free calling and messaging application LINE has announced that registered user numbers for the application have reached the reached the 5 million mark in India. They also announced that the application has exceeded 200 million users worldwide. This milestone was achieved in around 3 weeks of its official India launch, making it one of the fastest growing applications in India.The application was launched on July 1 in India. The complete success with the Indian youth due to its sticker and voice chat features.

Chief Strategy and marketing Officer (CSMO) of LINE Corporation said that their aim is to achieve 10 million users in India in a few months. We are confident with our feature and market specific localization. He also mentioned that  India will be one of the key markets contributing to our global growth. Line is available on both smart phones and PCs runs on all Operating system.


Once a file has been deleted, it never really disappears from the system and in fact can still be accessed. If a file is moved to the trash, it doesn’t mean it has actually deleted and even when the trash is emptied, the space inhabited by the file isn’t actually emptied.

When a file is ‘deleted’ from the system and then from the trash, it is simply marked ‘empty’. Michael explained the process and said that the file itself hasn’t actually moved out and only the pointers have gone away. The pointers are a kind of data that point to places in a computer’s memory where the file a user is referencing can be found, and therefore ‘overwriting’ the file is needed to make it unrecognizable. Even overwriting at times doesn’t work as there have been instances where hackers were able to put back the information together even after the file was overwritten for more than 35 times. So, there is nothing is permanently deleted and the best way to keep the data safe is to keep the hard drives of your old computers before ditching, donating or selling it.