A new application for smart phones has been developed which allows to monitoring user’s outdoor activities and to ensure that the person reaches home safe.

A Queenstown entrepreneur has developed the ‘ Get Home Safe’ application  which is used to monitor everyday activities such as walking home from school, mountain biking or working unsupervised.

According to the report, once the app is installed, the application then records the GPS location and if the user does not stop or continue as planned then it sends an alarm to pre-selected personal emergency contacts.

Boyd Peacock who developed the application said that it could save lives and the servers do not need a working cell phone or network coverage to send the alarm and added that it was potentially invaluable for boating, tramping, fishing, kayaking or back country skiing and could be used to complement traditional personal locator beacons.

New Zealand Mountain Safety Council chief executive Darryl Carpenter said that the application will provide a valuable safety service for outdoor activities and there are clearly possibilities for other activities in everyday life.