Micro blogging site Twitter has finally implemented new rules to tackle the growing tweet abuse on its site by introducing a one-click button for users to report such messages or posts. Recently in Twitter female users  including journalists were threatened with rape and bomb explosions and the site’s lack of appropriate reporting tools for such cases.

According to Stuff.co.nz, abuse reporting on Twitter will now be easier with the single button as users will not be required to navigate through the site’s help center to fill out an abuse form and the new rules include a stricture against ‘targeted abuse’ which could also mean slamming a single user with messages from multiple accounts or creating an account purely to harass or threat someone.

Twitter’s General Manager Tony Wang himself apologized to the women who faced tweet abuse and assured that the site will do more to tackle the issue and protect the users against abuse through its platform. He said that the new anti-abuse policy will apply worldwide.