A student in South Korea has developed a magnetically driven pen interface that works both on and around mobile devices. This interface is called as MagPen, can be used for any type of smart phones, tablet and computers so long as they have magnetometers embedded in.

This technology act as an input tool for mobile devices such as a capacitive stylus pen to interact more sensitively and effectively with the touch screen.  The MagPen utilizes magnetometers equipped with smart phones, thus there is no need to build an additional sensing panel for a touch screen as well as circuits, communication modules, or batteries for the pen.

It can senses and analyzes the magnetic field produced by a permanent magnet embedded in a standard capacitive stylus pen. The MagPen expands the scope of input gestures recognized by a stylus pen beyond its existing features of gestures and techniques such as titling, hovering, and varying pressures. The tip of the pen switches from a pointer to an eraser and vice versa when spinning.