Korea’s Yonhap News Agency  said that Samsung had successfully tested its 5th generation network. This network is many times faster than 4G, it can offer speed of 1GB/sec and capable of supporting up to 10 GB/sec while 4G  have a speed of only 75 megabits per second. It  means that we can watch Blu-Ray quality movies without streaming , it take only few seconds to complete the buffering.
Samsung successfully conducted a test at 28 GHz frequency, data transfer speed is  more than 1GB/sec over a range up to 2 kilometers. It used 64 antenna elements to pull the trick off.
But it have overcome many hurdles to make 5G successful, it need a powerful processor to compute large amount of data, a sustainable battery life and many more technical aspects.
5G will be  available in year 2020.