Apple  was founded in April 1,1976 by Steve Jobs,Steve Wozinak and Ronald Wayne. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are college dropouts first founded the company. The Apple I went on sale in July 1976 and was market-priced at $666.66. Apple was incorporated in January 3, 1977, without Wayne, who sold his share of the company back to Jobs and Wozniak for $800. Multi-millionaire Mike Markkula provided essential business expertise and funding during the incorporation of Apple. Then Apple II was introduced in April 17, 1977.It was chosen to be the desktop platform for the first “Killer App” of the business world.A race broke out between the Lisa team and the Macintosh team over which product would ship first. At last Lisa won the race in 1983 and became the first personal computer sold to the public with a GUI, but was a commercial failure due to its high price tag and limited software titles. Apple achieved widespread success with its iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad products, which introduced innovations in mobile phone’s, portable music players and personal computers respectively.Now, Apple was the second largest information technology company & third largest mobile phone’s manufacturing company.